What can we expect from IEM members Sydney 2017?

DreamHack Austin did not have time to die down, but fans got an opportunity to watch professional CS: GO  new tournament – Intel Extreme Masters Season XII Sydney.

Intel Extreme Masters Season XII will be from April 3 to 7. Eight teams from Europe, Asia, Oceania and America will fight for a prize fund of $ 200,000 and the title of Intel Extreme Masters champions.Among the participants of this championship can be seen as the strongest CS: GO-compositions of the world, FaZe Clan and Astralis, and little-known teams, like Chiefs and Vici Gaming. Therefore, each of the teams is in different conditions and has a unique service record.In this article, we will analyze each team from the list of IEM Sydney participants, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, and, ultimately, discuss which of them has the highest chances of winning.

Astralis (gla1ve, Xyp9x, device, dupreeh, Kjaerbye)

The current Intel Extreme Masters from Astralis will not only have to defend their title but also prove that despite the defeat on the StarSeries S3, they have not lost their grip and still remain the top-1 team in the world. Winning the tournament with their main “offender” (FaZe Clan team) will play is the best way to do it.

The latest LAN results:

2nd place in SL i-League StarSeries S3

1 place at IEM Katowice 2017

3-4 place on DreamHack Las Vegas 2017

Judging the current game form of Astralis is quite difficult. We know how professional these guys are on the LAN events (seven consecutive hits in the top 4 after the arrival of gla1ve), but their recent online results are questionable. It is about the performance of Astralis on the ESL Pro League and ECS.In general, nothing critical: on the EPL, the Danes hold on to the 4th place in the standings, keeping the chances of reaching the LAN final, and ECS has just begun. However, in their last matches, Astralis often wins only one map instead of two for less powerful teams, thereby losing important points. So, for example, within ECS the Danish team played 1-1 against the experiencing problems Virtus.pro and NiP.In all other aspects, Astralis is doing ok. Danes play all the maps, except Cobblestone, and they are one of the best teams in the tactical component. The fatigue factor can also be eliminated immediately since Astralis did not play LAN tournaments for a month and now should be prepared as much as possible for IEM Sydney. And as the past experience shows, the Danish five team always comes back from vacation in the best form.

Following the logic, Astralis must achieve at least a top-4 in the tournament in Sydney. Because in the group stage the Danish team is obliged to beat Vici, OpTic, Renegades and Chiefs. However, no one canceled the occurrence of the sensation, because the starting stage will be “Swiss”, and Astralis does not have the best relations with it (3-2 on EL Major and StarSeries S3).Add to this the element of the Bo1-format random environment and the “explosive” commands like OpTic Gaming, and get an entertaining situation in which Astralis will “survive” in the group stage of the IEM Sydney. And do not forget about other opponents – FaZe Clan, SK Gaming and North. With them, you will need to play hard to win.Ultimately, Astralis deservedly is considered one of the favorites of the IEM Sydney 2017. but the times of the Danish “golden age” are gradually dying out and now each of the compositions of the top 10 can beat it. It’s been a long time (but not for Na’Vi) to adjust to the style of the game Astralis. This will complicate the Danes life at the championship in Sydney and, probably, will stop on the way to one more championship title.

FaZe Clan (karrigan, NiKo, rain, allu, kioShiMa)

Top-2 team of the world and figurative “kryptonite” Astralis – European “team-star” FaZe Clan – will also play for IEM Sydney. And the guys from FaZe, just like their principal rival from Denmark, are also considered one of the main contenders for the victory in this championship.

The latest LAN results:

1 st place on SL i-League StarSeries S3

2nd place at IEM Katowice

As distinct from Astralis, FaZe Clan is now literally at the peak of game form. Having won the SL i-League StarSeries S3, the European team did not slow down and won eleven matches from twelve played online. And this despite the fact that one defeat from the “online gods” mousesports happened when FaZe played with the stand-in.

The synergy of the trained tactical component by Finn “karrigan” Andersen, and the high firing accuracy of the players led FaZe Clan made this team – the world’s top-2. He can dethroning Astralis. FaZe now has all the resources needed for this. No matter how the tournament grid is formed, it does not matter which team will meet in the FaZe Clan path – Europeans should reach, at least, the IEM Sydney finals. A less successful result will be unexpected given the current situation.

SK Gaming (FalleN, coldzera, fer, felps, TACO)

At the recently completed cs_summit, we finally saw the same SK Gaming, which won the “major”. The spectator was presented with an aggressive but at the same time thoughtful game style, which destroyed everyone on SK’s way to the championship title at the tournament from Beyond The Summit.

The latest LAN results:

1 place on cs_summit

9-11 place on SL i-League StarSeries S3

11-12 place at the IEM Katowice 2017

2 place on DreamHack Las Vegas 2017

And this triumph occurred after two failed for Brazilians LAN-events – StarSeries S3 and IEM Katowice. We can understand the failure in Kiev because SK lost to the strongest teams in the tournament (FaZe Clan, Astralis and G2), but in Katowice, the two-time major champions really screwed up because of a bad game. However, this is already in the past, and now SK Gaming has a great opportunity to once again demonstrate to the whole world its true power.In order to fully return to the “big game”, SK will not be enough to hit the top 4. The Brazilian team needs to win at least one Bo3 series against FaZe Clan or Astralis, and then we can say that this is the version of SK Gaming that has been waiting for so long.

Cs_summit seemed to help SK in preparation for IEM Sydney. At the tournament from the BTS, the Brazilians saw their strengths and weaknesses. And if the SK analyzed the game and corrected the errors, then everything for his command will be ok.  True it or not – we can see at the tournament. Now we can only      conjecture.

North (MSL, cajunb, aizy, k0nfig, Magisk)

Recent results of the North team, namely the performances of this team in the Play-off stages of LAN events, raises many questions. It would seem that the Danes have everything in order to win and collect titles, but for the past two tournaments in a row, they have lost the underdogs: first Immortals, and then HellRaisers.

The latest LAN results:

5-8 place on SL i-League StarSeries S3

5-6 place at the IEM Katowice 2017

3-4 place on DreamHack Las Vegas 2017

 There are several reasons for the sudden “downgrade” of North. Firstly, the Danes are effective only at short distances. This is already clear from the fact that they failed in the first match after the consistently successful group stage. Secondly, aizy seriously underplays player. And this, strange as it may seem, the whole mechanism of the team is ruining: the weak performance of Philip is passed on to the main stars of the collective – k0nfig and Magisk, and this does not make North’s results better.Sometimes the situation becomes so critical that even the captain of the Matthias team “MSL” Lauridsen outscores the statistics,mayby the best players in the composition. And there is no reasonable explanation for this phenomenon. Only a psychological factor can explain everything, but, as far as we know, North does not have this problem.At the same time, North – deserved got “gods” title of online competitions. Recently, the Danish team secured their participation in the LAN Finals of ESL Pro League S5, ahead of such teams as Astralis and FaZe Clan.

Anyway, there are chances of winning IEM Sydney from North. However, for this purpose MSL should direct Magisk and k0nfig in the right direction so that they shine just like they did on EPICENTER. Well, aizy must gather his thoughts, because without him North can not fight with the opponents. The probability that everything will happen this way is not great, but it does exist. Now North in the potential top-4 of this tournament. Is the Danish team capable of more? Only time can answer this question.

OpTic Gaming (jasonR, mixwell, RUSH, NAF-FLY, tarik)

The current composition of OpTic Gaming is far from its former grandeur, but begins to show results and prospects for the future. On cs_summit we saw that despite the problems OG remains one of the best teams in North America and is ready to improve his skills, but he really needs time.

The latest LAN results:

3 place on cs_summit

* 11-12 place at the IEM Katowice 2017

* 9-12 place on DreamHack Las Vegas 2017

* OpTic performed together with Hiko in the composition

The deprivation of Stanislaw is a terrible loss for OpTic, but the team is ready to cope with it. At least, OG  have Mixwell . Together with the Spanish legionary, this team will always be an uncomfortable contender for any of the top 10 and, first of all, for the representatives of the NA-scene. Take at least cs_summit, where mixwell almost personally led OpTic to the top 3 tournaments.In turn, jasonR was good with the role of captain and showed good results. Especially well played OpTic in the defense, where now she can see the coherence of actions. If OG pulls up its T-side, then this “union” can get something worthwhile.

Of course, we can not regard OpTic Gaming as favorites of IEM Sydney. The limit of the Americans is the top 4, and this will happen only if mixwell again would play like a God. For the guys from OpTic, this tournament is another step on the way to achieving stability, because they came there for the experience. They need to figure out what is good and what’s bad in their game, and only then think about the championship titles.

In the group stage, OpTic can surprise with a couple of unexpected results and go to the Play-off, but it’s better not to wait for more from the NA-scene on IEM Sydney. Experiment with jasonR in the main role continues, and we again have the opportunity to observe him.

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