“We want to come back home with the first title”- apEX

G2 Esports player Dan “apEX” Madesklar disclosed his thoughts tonthe progress of the team in an interview with HLTV.org. He also spoke about the performance at the SL i-League StarSeries Season 3 and evaluated the prospects of the French team at DreamHack Austin 2017.

Apex about SL i-League StarSeries S3:

“It was our first LAN, and we did not think about victory. It was important for us to get the first experience of offline games. As our players have repeatedly stated, we will play together for a long time, so the team was in no hurry. I do not know why we lost [FaZe Clan in the quarterfinals], but the mental determination in that match was not the same as in the group stage. Despite the fact that FaZe Clan is a strong rival, we should not have failed.  We did not win a single gun round. They team was very good, and if you lose to the winner of the tournament, you do not have to get very upset. “

About the progress of the team:

“We are satisfied because everyone continues to develop [as players]. Immediately after the formation of the composition, we began to play in the leagues, and it was quite difficult: we wanted to develop our own game style, but it takes a long time. Due to the fact that in Team EnVyUs we with kennyS and NBK did not play some map, it was difficult to work together on some points with the guys from G2 Esports. But on the basis of all, we have established. In many ways we were helped by SmithZz and enkay J. We experimented with roles and positions even after the SL i-League. But now everything is settled, everyone is happy. You need to remain calm and confident. It is important to play together, learn from mistakes and do not repeat them. If we succeed, we will be able to enter the top-5 world ranking. Ah, and still need to win at least 50% of gun rounds!”.

About DH Austin:

“We feel pretty confident, although the last workouts were not as effective as we expected. Some players had personal problems, but this will not be an excuse if we do not perform well. We all want to reach the finals, and then come home with the first title “

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