The President of the Olympic Committee spoke about e-sports

The sports press distributed the statement of the president of the International Olympic Committee. Thomas Bach described his relates to e-sports and the probability of including him in the program of future Olympic games. The IOC president announced his official position at the General Assembly in America. In particular, answering questions from colleagues, he said :

“We are still not sure whether eSports is a traditional sport. This is if we evaluate e-sports from the standpoint of physical activity and ordinary sports criteria. ”

Also, the president of the IOC announced very strange information:

“We do not see an organization or structure that could give us guarantees and confidence that e-sports are respected the Olympic ideals and values. There is no organization that would follow the rules and protect sports values in e-sports. We know that for many years now there is an organization IeSF, whose goal is to consolidate federations around the introduction of e-sports for the Olympic Games. Probably, by the opinion of the IOC, the IeSF organization in general does not cope with the set goals and tasks in any way.”

In addition, Thomas Bach said that some cybersport games generally do not fails to the goals of the Olympic movement. At the same time, he agreed, with the fact that it is necessary to monitor the development of e-sports:

“We are monitoring e-sports, we see the difference, we see the lack of proper organization. We see the high involvement of young people in e-sports. We need to consider carefully how we can consolidate around this. One of such steps may be an initiative from the OCA. ”

At the conference was existed that e-sports will appear on the Asian Olympic Games only as a sponsorship program. They did not discuss about the recognition of esports. The question is the mutually beneficial sponsorship of Alisports (a division of Alibaba) and the Olympic Committee of the Asian Games (OCA). Following the results of this cooperation, the Olympic Committee may make some conclusions about e-sports. It is a reminder that e-sports will appear in the list of disciplines of the Asian Games in 2018 and 2022.

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