The list of American minor commands

Eight teams that will participate in the American minor from June 8-11 was identified

During the last two days, 16 teams fought in closed qualification for the slot in a minor, playing on the adjusted Swiss system, where two losses meant the out from the group, and three wins – the way out of it. (In an ordinary Swiss system, you need 3 losses for the out). Together with Skyler “Relyks” Uwiwer, who was stand-in instead of Sean’s “seang @ res” Geires (Sean could not take part in the minor because of his wedding), the Misfits team easily made it for a minor with NRG. мLuminosity and compLexity having three wins and just one defeat, also managed to pass a closed qualification, while CLG “sweat and blood” selected the last slot in a minor, making a go-kob from 11:15 on de_cache against Bushido Boyz.

Thus, five teams passed closed qualification, joined the previously invited teams Immortals and Cloud9, as well as to the paiN team, which won the open South American qualification. The minor will be held from June 8-11, 8 participants will compete for two tickets to the closed qualification to the “major” from PGL.

Participants in the American minor:









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