The first Russian reality show about eSports

Russia began to make the first reality show about e-sports. This was announced by the Kaliningrad branch of the federation of computer sports. The show is called “Cybersport – the path to a dream”, according to the project results, it is planned to launch the federal league of electronic sports. The show is based on a very interesting idea from point of view of the e-sports.

The taping of a new e-sports show started on 12. Of May. In this show, several people become directors of sports organizations. They recruit children in the ages of 14 to 16 from 12 schools in Kaliningrad. Further using their experience and capabilities, directors (experienced players from Kaliningrad and managers) help children to become masters in the cybersport sphere (Dota 2). But it’s that’s easy as it seemed to be. Each team receives multiple tasks in cybersport. Based on the results of two months, the participants and managers will gain experience by working with sponsors, fans etc. It is planned that each Dota 2 team will consist of students from the same school.

The result of the show will be a tournament called “Battle Arena”, where they will determine the best reality show team. The community and its team leaders receive a large cash prize. The games will be held in August. The taping of the show have already begun, they are held in the cybersports arena “Baza” and all over Kaliningrad region.

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