TEAM BLUE led by SpawN’a won GAMERZ

Team Abdisamad “SpawN” Mohamed’a, Team blue, won the first Scandinavian version of the championship GAMERZ Season 1,having  bested Team Red on all three maps.

After 3 weeks the reality show in the style of “Esports” was completed. Two teams have struggled shoulder to shoulder against  for the main prize: a 6-month contract with a professional organization for the winning team. Team Blue, played by the brother of the famous Swedish player Jesper “JW” Wecksell and former player of the Norwegian team partyastronauts Sebastian “ensa” Aas, began to lead immediately from the first map, winning @inferno with a crushing score of 16-8. The second map was @mirage, which became the complete opposite of the first map, from the beginning Team Red seized the advantage, and did not let go until the the  end with a score of 16-7. All this turned into a third map @cbble, the outcome of which was not clear until the  end. Thanks to Adam’s efforts, “WolfY” Andersson managed to win the last map in overtime, while Adam himself was able to shoot 31 fragments, which in the long run brought victory.


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