Streamer on twitch performed CS: GO melody on piano


Twitch streamer “Chewie Melodies” spontaneously performed music from the menu Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the piano yesterday during the stream.

The 29-year-old streamer took piano lessons when he was five years old and he has played on this instrument since then, so he wrote in the description on his channel. Chewie played this song after it was ordered in his permanent rubric “Accepting songs and reproducing them by ear.” These requests can be “all forms and genres” and will be reproduced in front of hundreds of spectators. All that was required for this pianist is the headset and its streaming equipment for CS: GO emulation in the background.

What happened next  you can see by clicking on link or This link

“I never really tried to play it,” Chewie said, checking various chords along each octave. Listening to this makes it look like something from StarCraft. “

He muttered some progressive chords before drowning out the song for his performance. Chewie harmoniously played almost two minutes of the song before stopping. It took him only about thirty seconds to experiment with notes so that he could improvise almost perfectly.

“[CS: GO theme] is actually quite interesting. It works on the piano, “he concluded. The next popular meme song is “Shooting Stars” from Bag On Raiders. She was next on his list of requests. Chewie’s performance of the melody became the main talked about news on Reddit shortly after he finished

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