Steam prices have risen on the Trading Platform!

The Valve company allowed players to trade on Steam at new prices. Now you can put the maximum price on any lot of the Trading Platform.By means of it, rare skins, stickers from CS: GO and expensive couriers for Dota 2 again appeared on sale for Steam. In May, Valve introduced new rules for Steam. It concerns the presents and the Trading Platform. Now you can maximize the balance of your wallet for up to $ 2000.

. In this connection, the maximum price of the lot on the Trading Platform has also changed. It is $ 1800, which is the amount you can install for any item you sell on Steam.With regards to gifts, the changes are as follows: now you can not send a gift to the mail. You can attach a timer to the gift and it will be sent only on a certain date. If the recipient rejected the gift, you will receive back the money spent on it. Let us remind you that with every purchase on the Steam Trading Platform, Valve takes a commission of 15%. The new limits have already returned to Steam products, which previously could only be found on specialized sites for CS: GO and Dota 2. Previously, the maximum price for one item was $ 400.

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