Starix: “I’m sure that I can be a good captain”

New Team Spirit player provided overviews after a break in his career. Sergey “starix” Ischuk answered frequently questions, in connection with joining Team Spirit as captain, in which he shared his thoughts on the continuation of his career in this team and exactly in the role of the player.

About the choice of career:
After the recent events I did not have any alternatives, I did not want to grab hold of the first opportunity to continue my career in e-sports, so the first time, after leaving the position of Natus Vincere’s coach, I spent time with my family, rest and personal issues. During this time I received a sufficient number of proposals, more from foreign collectives, I also had thoughts on creating my team, but all the time there were some nuances, whether it was a language barrier, moving to another country, or unexpected twists after the talks. This once again gave me a reason to understand that I’m on the right track. Having thought all the proposals carefully, I realized that I want to work in the CIS collective, I sincerely want to help raise the CIS scene and will make every effort to ensure. I want everyone to know that this decision was maximally deliberate and balanced.

About join to the Team Spirit:
Many people are wondering why I chose the role of the player, not the coach. I will answer very simply – I have not said everything yet. I feel that I can play, that I can show my best game. Having a lot of experience as a coach, I’m sure I can be a good IGL and this experience will help the team create a favorable training process, and as a result, it will bring new victories. Last time I played a lot, restored the form and watched the games of other teams. I do not deny after you have been working for many years in one organization, it is very difficult at the moral and psychological level to switch to another, so the decision took a lot of time. I talked with the guys from Team Spirit, and I realized that I trust them and I’m ready to start a “new era” in this team. After all, in a big sports veterans of their business are very much appreciated – e-sports is no exception. My task will be to not simply “stamp the frags”. My task will be to direct the young excellent shooters in the right direction, and I am sure that we will achieve a lot.

About the nearest goals of the new team:

As for our goals, as a team. Naturally, we set high goals and hope for positive results from the first games, but everyone needs to understand that this takes time, which we so lack. As early as May 3, we have a bootcamp, there are a lot of work, insane volumes, so do not give up on the top 10, 20, 30, etc., the results will all speak for themselves and show our mistakes, over which we will work. The main task I consider successful performance on qualifications to a minor and further on the list.

Guys, really thank you very much for your support. I believe that our fans will sincerely support us, will adequately and with understanding, both to the first victories and to the first defeats (we hope to do without the second).

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