Singularity wins at Copenhagen Games 2017

The Danish team wins the grand final against the dreamchasers and takes away the prize of $ 32,000.

Copenhagen Games 2017 started with the group stage in the format Double Elimination (GSL) BO1 + BO3, four teams in each group. Eight of the strongest teams, as a result of the group stage, went to the quarterfinals of the Single Elimination BO3 grid, where they fought for a part of the prize fund ~ $ 56,000. Singularity fell into one group with Tricked, eFuture and fnatic Academy, in which despite the defeat in the first match they managed to rehabilitate themselves and go to the next stage from the second place.

In addition to the future champion, in the playoffs also passed BIG, North Academy, dreamchasers, Epsilon, iGame, NRG and Tricked. In the quarterfinal match, the Danish team fought with the team iGame.

In the Grand Finals of the tournament Singularity met with a Swedish mix of dreamchasers, under the tag played by famous players – pronax, emilio, znajder, twist and pyth. To determine of the champion of Copenhagen Games 2017, the teams were enough two cards, where Singularity left no chance to his opponent and took the title of the champion with a prize of $ 32,000 for the first place.

Distribution of the prize fund:

  1. Singularity — ~$32,000
  2. dreamchasers — ~$14,000

3-4.  BIG — ~$5,000

3-4.  Tricked — ~$5,000

Also  in  Copenhagen Games traditionally fought women’s teams, where the status of the strongest team of the world was given to the team Team Secret

Distribution of the prize fund of the women’s tournament CG 2017:

  1. Team Secret — ~$8,000
  2. London Conspiracy — ~$4,000

3-4.  Dignitas — ~$1,500

3-4.  Red Reserve — ~$1,500

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