Russian team were disqualified to the Major

The organizers of the qualifiers of the CIS Minor tournament announced the disqualification of the Hala Ares team. The team was disqualified from the tournament, and the results of all meetings of the Russian team were canceled. Everything was done according to the rules of the Major tournaments from Valve.

During the qualifying tournament at the LAN Finals of CIS Minor, it turned out that the player of the Hala Ares team Bogdan “naumoff” Naumov broke the rules. A VAC-ban was found on one of his Steam accounts. According to the rules established by the company Valve, players with a similar violation have no right to participate in the qualifiers for Major and the main tournament. In this regard, the whole Hala Ares team was disqualified, where naumoff was listed as a player who was forced to replace (due to family problems with the fifth player). Team Hala Ares was disqualified from this cup only, for all subsequent tournaments from Valve, the ban does not apply. In turn, Bogdan Naumov received a lifetime ban for all the tournaments Valve.


Official comment from representatives of Hala Ares Esports Club:

“The first thing I would like to say is that we respect the decision of Valve and SLTV and fully support it since we believe that players who can not win without the help of third-party software can not be ranked on the e-sports scene. On the other hand, there are claims to the organizers of the tournament. We blame, only because we trusted upon his soul, in turn, the organizers did not check the lineup during registration for the tournament, which is important in our time, because e-sports is developing and keeping track of every player and his reputation is not always possible. In our situation, there could be any e-sports club. Just a few days before the tournament, we left the player for family reasons and we urgently had to look for a replacement. We found the player, had a conversation with him and believed in his soul that the player was fine and had no problems in the past. Because of the lack of a single authority to verify the integrity of the player, we have to believe the word of people on the Internet – which has led us to fail. We hope that in the future there will be no such problems, and tournament organizers will check the roster when registering for tournaments for the safety of cybersport clubs from unscrupulous players. As for the rest of the lineup. Then we want to assure that we will not leave the guys at troubled times because 4 players play for a long time and tried to get this invitation in the sweat of their face, but unfortunately, because of one, everyone is affected, including the lineup and the club and the fans. We completely trust and support our guys and for the next season, they will definitely stay under the Hala Ares tag.We apologize to our fans for the current situation and we assure that in the future we will be more serious about such issues. “

The Hala Ares team line up:

Ilya «tr3vl» Globa

Pavel “PASHANOJ” Legostaev

Severin “SEVERiN” Gritsenko

Ali “Jame” Jami



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