ROPZ — from rags to riches

10 years ago, I first encountered with professional e-sports. During this period I had to write, read, watch and listen to many different interviews. Strangely enough, the most popular question, which is relevant to this day: “How to be an eSports?”. It would seem to be that the answer is always one – play a lot, participate in online leagues, tournaments, etc. But my attention was attracted by the fact that the last couple of years we are increasingly deal with the PRO-scene of people from FACEIT PRO LEAGUE.

For example, a month ago, one of the most titled organizations, MOUSESPORTS took under its wing 17-year-old Estonians ROPZ’a, about whom I have not heard anything before. The number of twitts and topics on the forums with this nickname fliped before  my eyes, and for all my questions, I heard one answer: “He is a FPL star.” All newsmakers, bloggers and other opinion leaders immediately picked up this topic, and only the laziness critics did not express their opinion on this matter. I decided to make my own investigation about this guy and about how and why unknown players from the FPL fall into professional e-sports.The first time the name of the young talent surfaced on on January 1, 2017.Dennis “dennis” Edman, who  ranked 20 in the ranking of the best players in 2016, in his interview said that if ROPZ gets into a professional team and play as well as on the FPL – it’s secured in the next twenty years. Later his words were confirmed by Nikola “NiKo” Kovač, who took 11th place in the same rating.

 Oskar answered some questions about his current ropz teammate:

 Tommy, could you imagine 4 months ago, when Ropz beat you to the FPL, that this kid will be your new teammate?

Why not? Sometimes you should take a chance to achieve your goals. Taking an inexperienced Ropza was very risky. But I like the way he plays and his understanding of the game. I’m glad that we managed to get it before someone else did it.

With you was the same situation. You had experience playing in teams, but you were noticed because of FACEIT. Can you say that your professional career began precisely because of this?

Maybe yes, maybe no. We were good with the Slovaks, but could not afford to be full-fledged PRO players. But who knows, maybe in the future we could get into the TOP if there was a stable composition. But I can not say that FPL did not give me more experience in fighting with professional players.

Can you call the FPL a springboard for young players? What is the probability of getting into professional e-sports in this way?

Maybe, but a person should be really talented. He should not have problems with communication, and, of course, he needs to have this gift from God, which for me is an understanding of the game, otherwise he will be lost without a chance. I know a few unfortunate examples …

It became clear that ROPZ’s guy began to pay more attention. Captains on the FPL have invited him in their teams before the eminent players. This started to cause suspicion in the community. He was repeatedly accused of cheating. And a new “HYIP” around the Estonians began when Jesper ‘JW’ Wecksell, failing to Ropz’a team 14-3, told his teammates the following: “Go to hell with this idiot ropz’a. I do not understand why we have not banned him yet. He will never play LAN, he does not even want to join any team. ”

Later, Jasper said that he was just out of sorts and did not mean anything bad. A similar story was in Oscar’s time:

Why does JW accuse everyone of cheating? Is it insulting to hear such accusations against you?

I do not care what he thinks. Everyone has the right to own opinion, but as far as I’ve heard, it’s his humor.

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