Players of the future pro100 team won the LootBet Cup # 1 tournament

The players of the future pro100 8 of May won the online tournament LootBet Cup # 1The tournament  attended by eight invited teams, most of whom were representatives of the CIS: the newly created Spartak, the Belarusian-Ukrainian mix spray’n’pray, the future line-ups of Team Spirit Academy (Team1337) and pro100 (ACG), Lithuanians from GamePlayDNA and Czechoslovakia from eSuba, As well as Russian teams OVERDRIVE and Quantum Bellator Fire. Teams played the total prize pool of $ 2,000. In the Grand Finals (up to three wins) met Quantum Bellator Fire and ACG, which emerged from the lower grid. QB Fire got the advantage in one map, because they came out of the top grid. ACG confidently won on the maps Overpass and Mirage, having played well for the attack and getting the missing rounds for defense. Then the Russian team won the peak ACG – map Inferno with a score of 16:11, and on the decisive map – Cobblestone – the victory went to the Ukrainians. A big contribution to the victory of ACG  made by Igor “crush” Shevchenko, finishing the final meeting with a difference of kills/deaths +17 and a rating of 1.21. The best player of the tournament was Leonard “kenzor” Volodarchuk with a difference of kills / deaths of +81 and a general rating of 1.30.

The results of the tournament LootBet Cup # 1:

1 place – Art of Cybergame – $ 1,500

2 place – Quantum Bellator Fire – $ 500

3 place – Spartak Esports

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