New update or the end of the UMP 45 era

A new update for CS: GO released, create changes for the UMP45 and introduces a new operation.

Recent CS: GO update fixed UMP45, then many expected, as the machine became one of the most used weapons in the game. The damage from UMP45 at a long distance has been reduced to make it more like other SMGs. The update also features a new operation called “Hydra”, which presents new game modes that will change every week, as well as a new case with different skins.

New modes:

“War games” includes several modes, including shooting with a sniper with a small gravity. Wingman takes 2v2 to the next level, since you can compete 2v2 competitively on one capture. The last mode is an expert in weapons, which will force players to be universal, as the same weapon can not be bought twice in this match of 5v5.

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