Na’Vi 0 -vs-16 mouz. For the first time in history lose 0-16?

Yesterday, “Born to Win” gave their fans a “great match” against mousesports at de_mirage. Okay, on the first map de_nuke still had doubts, but there was at least a minimal fight from Natus Vincere. 09-06 for protection in favor of mousesports. Then completely failed attack from Na’Vi. It feels like one Edward tried to play. Okay, 16-08 lost, it happens. And then there are thoughts of winning on de_mirage, because Na’Vi know how to play on this map, and the opponent is tier2 team with a new player. Just 16-0, just a one-way game.

“The best” on the mirage shot was s1mple, but it’s hard to call statistics 10-16 good.One  credit should give  to mousesports. The team today showed just an excellent game and deservedly won. Thanks to these two victories, mousesports guaranteed a place in the ESL Pro League Season 5 lan-finals. The German organization will play 2 more games against fnatic, but Na’Vi needs to win in the last match against Heroic.

Statistics de_nuke:

Statistics of de_mirage:

The best moments of the map are de_mirage:

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