Natus Vincere go to the final in the ESL PRO League Final

In an incredibly difficult match against the Heroic team for reaching the LAN-final of the ESL PRO League, the Natus Vincere team was able to win one of the two maps. Due to the fact that the favorites of other pairs surprisingly fail, this was enough to go to the final of the league. 

After the defeat to overpass with a score of 14-16, it was necessary to win the second to win the second map and they could win with a score of 15-9, but the Danes, for whom this game did not solve anything, strikingly broke the game and brought it to the edit . It took several series of additional rounds in order to determine the winner. As a result, Na’Vi were able to cope with not the strongest contender, the final score on the scoreboard 25-22 on the cbble map. With their victory on the cobblers map, the NaVi  did not release the Faze Clan team to the final of the winners of the Starseries S3. Outside the finals there were also many other eminent teams, for example  Astralis and, which once again speaks about the huge difference between the games on Lana and online.In conclusion, I want to note that Na’Vi showed that they can fight, upset only that it is necessary to fight against the last forces even against frankly not top teams.

Let’s hope that before the finals of the league, which will be raffled prize in the $ 1 million, the team will be able to tighten the level and please their fans.

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