Manchester City owners plan to expand their activities in e-sports

According to the Portal Dot Esports reports, the football  Manchester City search  a manager for e-sports disciplines. The City Football Group, a holding company that owns several football teams around the world, including Manchester City, plans to find a cybersport manager for the English top club.

The company is looking for a key person who will help for the implementation of the club’s activities in the cybersport industry. He will also be responsible for all the cyber sportsman of the club, from the UK, the USA and Australia. Manager job candidate is obliged to advise and assist in the main business functions, as well as to create content for different streaming platforms, including Twitch. The City Football Group will accept applications until April 24, after that they will start a careful selection of candidates. The main direction for the company will be FIFA, but in due course, they planned to open other cybersport disciplines.
The article was written referring to the official source.

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