Interview with the host , analyst, commentator – Elena / mEG Urusova

Elena “/ mEG” Urusova – a host, analyst, commentator and former professional player in Counter-Strike – told the men’s magazine Men’s Health, about women’s outstrip under men and what quality is most important for men.


Opinion about men from cybersportsmen with the nickname Meg: she competes on a par with men in the game Counter-Strike, won the World Cup and took first place in international rankings.

  1. How to out the game a man?

On personal experience, I can say that the only way to beat a man is to think like a man.

Among women this is a great rarity, so the most successful and strong girl-players it’s -girls who grew up in men’s companies.I’m tomboys too.

  1. What qualities allow you to out game guys?

You are very logical and consistent in the game, women are more chaotic and creative, our actions are often difficult for the guys to calculate – and this brings victory.

  1. Do men become angry when a girl wins?

Of course! When I first started to do my sports, I worked in a cafe where I could not only eat but also play computer games. Now the owner of the establishment advertised me to one rich and influential person. I played alone, and they were five – he and four of his guards. While we were fighting, that man was so psychotic that he broke his mouse and keyboard. From 60 rounds, they eventually won only eight.

  1. And in life, how do women surpass in men?

We, it seems to me, are more hardy and hardworking. Laziness is a big problem on the way to achieving goals and victories, so the girls somewhere are achieving great success.

  1. What should a man be like for you to start ignoring him?

I do not have many things to made my start to ignoring a man, I’m not talking about sports, but about everyday life. I try not to build any illusions about people so that I will not be disappointed. But it’s absolutely true that I’m uncomfortable when a man tries to build something out of himself, to like me, tries to seem like someone who is not, he makes a lot of shows. This is the right way to stop interested in me. Well, a very important quality of a man – a good sense of humor.

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