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The player of the OpTic team,  Oscar “mixwell” Canellas, gave an interview to the journalists of the portal In this interview Oscar told how the team went to IEM Sydney 2017, and also discussed the future of the team:

“Arriving at the tournament, we realized that going into the playoffs will be difficult. We started with the failure of the first match against North. Tarik “tarik” Celik won the remaining rounds in the first half of the game. We started well for defense, but it was not enough. In the end, we lost in overtime. In the following rounds, we met with ViCi and twice defeated the Chiefs, thanks to which we reached the playoffs. ”

What did you feel in the match against SK?”

In the match against SK, it was very difficult for us. We knew each other well, and it is obvious that we were worse prepared. We chose de_train, because we knew their strategy on the map, but they completely rebuilt their tactics. ”

What can you say about the changes in the lineup?

“As for changes in the lineup, we want to deal with this as soon as possible. This situation go on too long, and we are tired of the constant game with substitutions. We want to fight for titles, not for getting out of the group stage “

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