Immortals and mousesports invited to Dreamhack Summer

Organizers of tournament invited 2 more teams for Dreamhack Summer.

Mousesports currently take place the 15th place in the ranking of teams. At ESL Pro League Season 5, players took the third place in the European division, so before Dreamhack Summer mousesports will participate in the lan-final ESL Pro League in Dallas.

Mousesports line up:

Chris «ChrisJ» de Jong
Denis «denis» Howell
Tomáš «oskar» Šťastný
Christian «loWeL» Antoran
Robin «ropz» Kool
Sergey «lmbt» Bezhanov (coach)

Immortals for two months kept in the top10 teams of the world, but in the last two weeks dropped to 16 lines. At the previous Dreamhack Austin, Brazilians took second place, losing in the final Gambit Gaming.

Immortals line up:

Henrique «HEN1″ Teles
Lucas «LUCAS1″ Teles
Ricardo «boltz» Prass
Lucas «steel» Lopes
Rafael «zakkk» Fernandes (coach)

Dreamhack Summer line up:

Gambit Gaming
SK Gaming

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