HR signed improved contracts with players until the end of 2018

The HellRaisers team made a good showing on the Starseries S3, which took place last weekend in Kiev. The team site reports that today new and improved long-term contracts have been signed by the players, which will be in effect until the end of 2018. The game release says that they are ready to work hard towards the goals set and concentrate completely on improving the game and communication. The team showed an excellent game and the will to win, which was especially noticeable in the StarSeries semi-final against future champions Faze Clan. The international composition of the team led by Kirill Karasev consists of young and promising players who have already risen to the 7th line of the world rating.

  • Composition HellRaisers by CS: GO:
  •  Kyril “ANGE1” Karasev (captain)
  •  Vladislav “bondik” Nechyporchuk
  •  Martin “STYKO” Stick
  •  Patrick “Zero” Judel
  •  Bentze “DeadFox” Borotz
    CEO HellRaisers Maxim Bednarsky commented this event as:

    “It is an open secret that many collectives are interested in our players. I’m glad that I managed to keep the current lineup without changes and conclude new contracts with all the players. The current player’s skill shows that each of our guys has the potential to perform at the highest level. Long-term contracts will help the team to more carefully prepare for the upcoming tournaments! Support for  The HellRaisers team! “

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