Europe Minor Closed Qualifier – report

Eight teams of 16 will receive slots on the PGL Europe Minor Championship. Matches will be held on 18 and 19 of May.

A format of the tournament:

Swiss system of conducting

Matches in the format of bo1

Prize fund:

1-8 place – slot on PGL EU Minor Krakow


@cache, @inferno, @cobblestone, @mirage, @nuke, @overpass, @train


Stream will be added a few hours before the start of the tournament

Group stage

First round:

Heroic [19:00] Outlaws
NiP [19:00]
EnVyUs [19:00] passions
BIG [19:00] North Academy
LDLC [19:00] fnatic Academy
Kinguin [19:00] Dignitas
Space Soldiers [19:00] Tricked
Epsilon [19:00] PENTA


BIG: gob b, LEGIJA, tabseN, nex, keev.
EnVyUs: Happy, SIXER, RpK, xms, ScreaM.
Epsilon: REZ, freddieb, BARBARR, atter, cadiaN.
Heroic: MODDII, valde, Snappi, niko, JUGi.
Kinguin: MICHU, Spzero, mouz, rallen, Hyper.
LDLC: X6tenZ, to1nou, Alex, mistou, maniac.
NiP: f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, Xizt, friberg, draken.
Space Soldiers: XANTARES, Calyx, DESPE, paz, MAJ3R.
North Academy: glace, gade, acor, mertz, Lomme.
PENTA: kRYSTAL, SuNny, zenh, Innocent, HS.
fnatic Academy: PlesseN, Karus, Baaten, Golden, Jayzwalkingz.
Tricked: HUNDEN, es3tag, borup, AcilioN, friis.
Dignitas: fox, jkaem, RUBINO, cromen, tenzki.
Passions: rusty, hampus, xajdish, FREDDyFROG, Relaxa. ZOREE, SAGGERTON, juho, xSeven, sAw, Twista.
Outlaws: Cerq, Spellan, Rock1ng, NK4Y, niki1.







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