ESEA MDL Finals – schedule of games

ESEA published a full schedule of upcoming MDL finals

This weekend in Leicester, in ESL-studio, the three best teams of ESEA Premier league from Europe and North America will face, as well as the team that took the first place in the standings from Australia and the winner of ESEA Open Brazil. The total prize pool is $ 50,000.

The event will begin with the group stage of the best-of-one (bo1) system to two defeats. After that, 4 teams will be identified, which will go to the stage of playoff.

The schedule of the championship:

Saturday, May 13 (Moscow time)

12:00 GODSENT vs DarkSided

13.05 PENTA vs Enigma6

14:10 Splyce vs paiN

15:15 Ghost vs BIG

16:20 Group A – a match of the winners

17:25 Group B – a match of the winners

18:30 Group A – match of the losers

19:35 Group B – the match of the losers

20:40 Group A – decider match

21:45 Group B – decider match

Resurrection, May 14 (Moscow time)

13:00 Semifinal №1

14:55 Semifinal №2

21:00 Grand Final

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