DreamHack Tours 2017 – report!

From 6 to 8 May in the  Tour city, France will be another tournament within DreamHack Open, where 8 teams compete for a prize fund of $ 100,000.


From Saturday to Monday in the Congress Center “Vinci” will be held DreamHack Tours, which will be the third in the DreamHack Open for the current year.                It stands to mention that previous  $ 100 000 tournaments became two CIS teams – FlipSid3 and Gambit.

In total, 8 teams, seven from Europe and one from North America will take part in the tournament. The CIS community will be able to cheer for Natus Vincere and HellRaisers, who have good chances to show a proper spirit. Unfortunately, Gambit can not take part in the championship, as H0bbit did not manage to get a Schengen visa. Instead of “gambits” will play the Danish team Denmark Tricked, which took second place in the European qualification.

The format of the meeting:

8 teams are divided into two groups, in which matches will be played according to the usual GSL system (BO3 in the lower grid). The two best teams from each group will go to the playoffs, where they will fight in the Single Elimination grid (BO3) for the lion’s share of the prize pool.


Prize fund:

1 place – $ 50 000

2nd place – $ 20 000

3-4 place – $ 10 000

5-6th place – $ 3 000

7-8th place – $ 2 000


Group A:


Natus Vincere





13:00 – Natus Vincere vs Misfits @ BO1

16:00 – Heroic vs mousesports @ BO1

19:00 – match of the @ WIN players


Group B:







14:30 – G2 vs Tricked @ BO1

17:30 – HellRaisers vs EnVyUs @ BO1

20:30 – match of the @ WIN players


List of participants:


Natus Vincere: s1mple, GuardiaN, flamie, Edward, seized

Heroic: JUgi, valde, niko, MODDII, Snappi

Mousesports: oskar, ropz, loWel, chrisJ, denis

Misfits: devoduvek, AmaNEk, SicK, ShahZaM, seang @ res

G2: kennyS, apEX, shox, bodyy, NBK-

HellRaisers: ANGE1, Zero, DeadFox, bondik, STYKO

EnVyUs: ScreaM, xms, Happy, RpK, SIXER

Tricked: AcilioN, es3tag, b0RUP, Friis, HUNDEN

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