CSGO’s New Operation and Source 2 Engine

Source 2 – improvement  or another useless update of  game mechanics ?

Member of the Valve company confirmed their plans for the speedy transfer of the CS: GO to new technologies Source 2. They also gave details of the new operation, which will include seven new maps and will accompanied by a new championship and skins. Usually Valve does not reveal its secrets beforehand. Information on the upcoming update revealed during the official launch of CS: GO in China. During the announcement, the developers announced plans for the future. So, in particular it was reported that in the summer in the game come in sight the Source 2 and the interface Panoramic UI. The Valve’s Chinese partners told about the big championship, which waits for all players in the summer. Journalists have already managed to assume that game will be a new “operation”, as in the game files were found on seven new maps. Admittedly, the new operation will have the following maps: de_thrill, cs_agency, de_shipped, de_lite, de_blackgold, de_austria, cs_insertion. As usual, new skins will be added to the game with a new operation. Members of the  Valve company has not yet commented on this fact, perhaps members of Perfect World told this information for advertising purposes. Possible release dates for the operation may change by the summer, as well as information about the transfer of the game to Source 2. In turn, Panoramic UI libraries are already in the directory with the game.

During the presentation CS: GO, the implementers held a show match between Tyloo and VG.

In China, a record from Alipay Credit System is required to play CS: GO. The Chinese version of the game have a different versions of skins. All versions, of skulls, bones and blood are changed. In addition, for all games used Chines servers.

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