Cloud9 winners of the Subaru Invitational 2017

The North American organization won the Subaru Invitational 2017

In total, eight teams took part in the online tournament. Cloud9 started with a victory vs NRG eSports (16-03 for @cobblestone and 16-09 for @train). Then also with a score of 2-0 were bits of Counter Logic Gaming, but the match was much harder than the first. First 16-14 on @train and 16-12 on the second map @inferno.The second finalists were SK Gaming, who before the final defeated two Brazilian teams. First 2-0 against Luminosity Gaming (16-09 @cache and 16-11 @mirage). In the semifinals there were defeated by Immortals, which after the defeat on the first map with a score of 16-14 could not get together and bring the game to the third map. 16-03 at @inferno and SK Gaming in the final. The final match is more or less equal. Nevertheless, Cloud9 proved to be the best. On the first map @cobblestone “Cloud” won 16-12. @train was a fierce fight for each round, but at the right time, n0thing proved to be useful to the team. 16-14 on the second map and Cloud9 become winners of the Subaru Invitational 2017. The team throughout the tournament did not lose a single map.

1 st place – Cloud9 – $10 000

2 place – SK Gaming -$ 5 000

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