CIS-teams lineup for selections to PGL Major CS: GO

All participants of the closed CIS qualification for the summer Major are known. Eight trips to the finals to qualifications for the main tournament of the year for CS: GO will compete among themselves 16 teams, among them two teams from Ukraine. At the qualifiers, there will be a lot of interesting collectives and well-known cyber-sportsmen. We are waiting for grandiose battles and new tactics from the participants – the audience will have something to look at.

The qualifications for LAN Finals of CIS Minor are supported by FACEIT and StarLadder. Most recently,  from 13 to 14 of May, open qualifications were held. They were attended by 472 teams, among which were almost all the famous mixes and teams from Ukraine, Russia and other countries. After a series of matches, four lineups were determined, which will go to closed online games (May 16-19). There will be eight games played for LAN Finals of CIS Minor. Among these eight teams will play two slots for the final closed qualifications to Major with a prize fund of one million dollars (July 16-23, Poland).

Winners of open qualifications:

MakeMistake (Zabey666, Sp1nt, D3x, RAiLWAY, Hardwelyk)

Evolution (nsww, fAst, MistikyM, mds, z1)

LoG (Busterjke, dimasick, Qikert, dastan, flomaster)

TeamASD (Leo, Forester, ex4mple, RubeN, m4xiy)

Participants for closed qualification:

Spirit (COLDY, Davcost, Dima, S0tFik, Starix)

spray’n’pray (Shara, F1L1N, novel, fix, somedieyoung)

pro100 (Smike, def, crush, Flarich, kenzor)

K29 (CyberFocus, ROBO, hitmouse, roman, dERZKIY)

zARLANS (Hippo, nealaN, flameister, Galantis, Anvv1k)

Tengri (fitch, SNk-, pachanga, SONiC, Ramz1k) (It’s My, FANAT ROCKA, balbIna, Kvik, uNdo)

EPG (Hooch, jmqa, boombI4, waterfallztw, ub1que)

Spartak (liTTle, facecrack, kibaken, Jerry, propleh)

Vega Squadron (Mir, Hutji, chopper, jR, Keshandr)

Spirit Academy (1uke, BASm, fenya, Nickelback, rommi)

Hala Ares (PashaNOJ, naumoff, sever1n, Jame, tr3vl)

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