BIG win ESL Meisterschaft Spring

BIG have won the Spring edition of ESL Meisterschaft after defeating ALTERNATE aTTaX 2-1 in the final (16-12 on Cache, 13-16 on Train and 16-14 on Inferno).

The top four teams of the online portion of ESL Meisterschaft, Germany’s premier competition, travelled to Duisburg to compete in the season finals, with over $19,000 and a spot in the closed qualifier for ESL One Cologne on offer.

Powered by a strong display from Johannes “nex” Maget, BIG beat PANTHERS 2-1 in the first round, while ALTERNATE aTTaX moved past Planetkey Dynamics without dropping a map.

In the semi-final ALTERNATE aTTaX easily beat Planetkey. BIG had to strain in the game with the PANTHERS, their meeting ended with the victory of BIG with a score of 2: 1 on the maps.The final match of the tournament turned out to be tense. To determine the winner, I had to play all three maps. A huge contribution to the victory of BIG was made by Johannes “nex” Maget, ending the meeting with a difference of kills / deaths of +31 and a rating of 1.43.

Results of the ESL Meisterschaft Spring tournament:

1 place – BIG – € 8,000 and slot in closed qualification to ESL One Cologne

2 place – ALTERNATE aTTaX – € 3,700

3-4 place – Planetkey and PANTHERS – € 1,600

BIG win ESL Meisterschaft Spring
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