AOC CGPL Winter – details of the Australian League

The second phase of the CyberGamer Premier League will start tomorrow, it gathered the best teams of the ocean region and increased prize fund. After two impressive victories by the Chiefs against Renegades and North in IEM Sydney, the Blue team will focus on the regular CGPL season. In April, they made a statement about the decay of the team, but in November they received an invitation to the CGPL Championships playing in a new line-up. AOC CGPL Winter 2017 will include 7 weeks of powerful battles, starting from May 14 to June 26. Part of the playoffs will be the 4 best teams that will compete in Lana, which will take place in the studio of the organizers, in Adelaide, Australia, from July 21 to 23.The total prize fund was increased by organizers by $ 5,000.

Full distribution of the prize fund:

$ 7,500 AUD (~ $ 5,540)

$ 3,500 AUD (~ $ 2,585)

$ 2,000 AUD (~ $ 1,475)

$ 2,000 AUD (~ $ 1,475)

All matches will cover CyberGamer TV on its twitch channel.

List of participants:

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