All participants of the finals CIS Minor are known

We are waiting for grandiose battles and new tactics from participants from all over the CIS. Viewers will have something to look at. Eight trips to the finals in Moscow will play 16 teams, among them two teams from Ukraine. At the qualifiers, there will be a lot of interesting collectives and well-known cyber sportsmen.

Started closed online games on CIS Minor (16-19 of May). Eight trips to the LAN Finals of CIS Minor will be played. Among these eight teams, Moscow will play two slots for the final closed qualifications to Major with a prize fund of one million dollars (16-23 of July, Poland).

The LAN Finals ( 8 – 11 of June):

Spirit Academy
Quantum Bellator Fire
Vega Squadron

The third day results matches (19 of May):

K29 [2:0] teamasd (16:12 mirage, 16:4 overpass)

pro100 [2:0] LOG (16:11 cbble, 16:4 mirage)

Quantum Bellator Fire [2:0] Evolution (16:6 train, 16:8 mirage)

Vega Squadron [2:0] NOVA (16:5 train, 16:4 mirage)

The third day results matches (18 of May):

Spirit [2:1 ] K29 (16:14 train, 10:16 cobble, 16:14 mirage)

NOVA [2:1] spray’n’pray (4:16 overpass, 19:16 train, 16:13 mirage)

EPG [1:2] Quantum Bellator Fire (16:10 mirage, 12:16 inferno, 12:16 train)

LOG [2:1] zARLANS (8:16 inferno, 16:8 cache, 16:14 mirage)

The second day results matches (17 of May):

Evolution [0:2] Spirit Academy (12:16 overpass, 1:16 mirage)

Vega Squadron [1:2] Spartak (16:9 train, 14:16 overpass, 13:16 inferno)

pro100 [0:2] Tengri (12:16 inferno, 14:16 mirage)

The first day results matches (16 of May):

pro100 [2:1] zARLANS (16:5 mirage, 16:5 cache)

Spirit [2:0] teamasd (16:7 mirage, 16:3 nuke)

k29 [1 : 2] Hala Ares (11:16 inferno, 16:4 nuke, 7:16 mirage)

Spartak  [0 : 2] spray’n’pray (16:12 nuke, 16;10 train)

Vega Squadron [2 : 0] NOVA (16:9 mirage, 16:8 cache)

Tengri [2:1] LOG (16:8 mirage, 13:16 train, 16:14 cbble)

EPG [0:2] Spirit Academy (8:16 inferno, 11:16 train)

Quantum Bellator Fire [0:2] Evolution (11:16 mirage, 11:16 train)

The final match for $ 50,000 and two slots of the closed qualifiers for CS: GO PGL Major Kraków will take place from  8 to 11of June. We will see the battle of teams in Moscow, which will meet face to face in the computer club Gamer Stadium. In summer, in the group stage of the final LAN-tournament CIS Minor there will be only two groups. The format is : in the first round and in the final winners will play BO1. Other matches in BO3 format. Following the results of the matches, the teams that took 1-2 places in their groups will go to the playoffs. The decisive stage of LAN-finals is in the format of Double Elimination, BO3. Two finalists of the tournament will receive an invite to the final closed qualifiers for PGL Major Kraków.

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