Black Star Gaming plans tournaments of CS and FIFA

Co-owner of the Black Star Gaming in an interview told about plans for conducting e-sports tournaments. It was announced about tournaments with a prize fund of one million RUB, also competitions with contributions for participation and battles on consoles on FIFA for non-professionals.In an interview with the portal the author of the idea of Black Star Gaming Pavel Bazhenov told about the plans for the future. In particular, about the tournaments he said:

“We are a commercial company, so we will have to pay for tournaments, the first one will be in CS: GO and FIFA in the summer, its prize fund will be 1 million rubles. But there will be a number of free tournaments. In addition to cash prizes, there will be tournaments with sponsorship awards. We want to hold the July tournament, while it’s going to be difficult, because we have changed the playground, and we are looking for a new one,  met with the guys from ESForce. Perhaps we will be there (on Yota Arena), but it seems too small for the first tournament. Most likely it will be a shopping center, because we expect about 5-7 thousand spectators. My dream is to collect in 2018 the final of the tournament in the Olympic and make a great show. “

With regard to the sponsors of the organization, which is a division of the Black Star, Pavel told quite interesting things.

Black Star Gaming does not invest in tournaments and teams, instead, they are interested in sponsors: “Now, among our partners are such companies as MSI, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Adrenaline Rush, Tornado Energy, HYPEPC. We have a huge background in the form of the Black Star, and for sponsors, it is the coverage that is interesting: how will it be announced, about views, result, and so on. Now the market for e-sports is 70-80% of sponsorship money, in Russia, we don’t have this money. There are Na’Vi and, which conclude large contracts, but young teams have nothing to offer sponsors. I understand perfectly well that Black Star Gaming can offer sponsors more than one professional team. ” In general, Black Star Gaming plans to start tournaments for not only PCs, but also for consoles (FIFA series).  The organization is currently negotiating with the representation of Electronic Arts Sports in Russia and the Russian Football Union.All the details about the upcoming Black Star Gaming project you can read in a voluminous interview on the website esports

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