Link for the exchange offer – Where to find it and Why you need it?

Nowadays skins in the popular CS: GO shooter are firmly entrenched in the gaming niche. They have become something more than just regular weapons designs. You can get them while playing on official Valve servers, which is rare. Also, they are often played on various websites and social web. The easiest way to get is to exchange with other players by web-link. You can also use this method even if the user is not in your contact list.

It is for this reason many of the  CS: GO players asked the following question: “Where can I get a link for exchange on the Steam client?”. This and other questions will be answered in this article. Let’s analyze in detail the procedure for obtaining a link in the Stime.
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Step 1 Enter to Steam and connect to your account, then click on the icon “Inventory”

Step 2 In the loaded window of your inventory icon  find the button “More”, then point the cursor on the appeared list and choose “Privacy settings”
Step 3   Look for a special sub-item called “Inventory”, where we put a tick in the “Open” line and save the changes
Step 4   Leave again in “Inventory” icon  and click on the button “Offer Exchange”Then, in the upper right corner of the loaded page, then enter to the “Who can send me exchange offers”, and see in the main part of the page your link to the exchange

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