Ranks in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. How to improve it and what is it for?

Ranks in cs: go game – it’s  a peculiar system of points. In fact, it can be compared with the MMR system in the game Dota 2, only in this game, you do not see the points that you type or lose for the game. Instead of this, there are intermediate stages of ranks that can be improved by winning in competitive games. The more you have won in a row, the faster your ranks will increase.
Accordingly, if you constantly lose – the system can discrete you in rank. The lowest rank in the game is Silver 1, the highest is Global Elite.
When you first enter the game, the player who launched it for the first time has no ranks. Before CS: GO updating,  just needed to play 10 games in Mode “Competitive” and received the ranks.
How to raise the rank?
There is no special system for raising ranks. The rank system evaluates the player’s skill and his skills growth. If you win you will have a higher chance of rising ranks, but if you lose, your chance drops dramatically. You can both raise and lower.


And in the end, we give a small statistics, the percentage of ranks in the game

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