How to defuse a bomb in Counter Strike?

Defuse a bomb  in the game Counter – Strike: Global Offensive.

The concept of the game contains the main goal of the terrorists is laying a bomb on one of the plants, and the task of counterterrorists to defuse it. If the bomb is laid down and the counter terrorists killed all the enemies and did not have time to defuse the bomb, then the victorious point leaves the terrorist team. So now we’ll tell you how to defuse the bomb and generally have time to do it. After bombing terrorists, you will have only 40 seconds, after which the bomb explodes. You have to destroy it for 10 or 5 seconds, depending on whether you bought the “Sapper Set”. Therefore, it is advisable that you buy them whenever it possible.

We approach the most important.
In order for you to defuse the bomb you will need to find it, come as close as possible and look at the bomb.
After that, you just need to press the “E” button and wait until the bomb is defused.

This video also explain how to do it

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