How to add friends in Counter Strike?

Now many people have Steam, but not everyone knows how to add a friend to Steam. Now I’ll tell you about it.
There are several ways to add friends to Steam:

Method number one.

–  Enter into Steam.
– Down there are a button Friends
– Click this button,  window with a list of your friends will open.
– At this window, you can find  a button Add a friend
– Push it
– In the opened window, enter the nickname of the friend you need (the login under which it is on Steam) (Account name)
– Click Next and add
– After that open the window with a list of friends, there will be an Invitation section, there will be a friend you added
– Well, in the end, your friend must confirm that you are his friend, for that he must click the Accept invitation from you, in the list of his friends.

Method two.

– You play in CS, while playing press shift + tab.
– The Steam Community window opens
– Click here for the players Current Game / Previous Games
– Opens a window with players
– Choose the person you want and click Add to friends
– Next, he must confirm that he is your friend

The third way.

– We go to the Steam page of the person you need
– On the right, we click the Add to Friends button.
That’s all. Add friends!


How to add friends in Counter Strike?
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