Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Prime Account. What are they needed for?

On April 22, 2016, CS: GO got a new update – the Prime account. This account is accessible only for players with an attached mobile phone to Steam. You can update your account to Prime status in the main menu.Let’s examine everything about Prime accounts and how useful it may be.

Prime-account is an experimental update, which first of all will help in the fight against cheating and smurfing (when some players with high ranks create a second account and play with new players), and also motivates players to link the mobile phone to the Steam account. Players with the status of Prime can get more pleasure from playing in competitive mode because they will only play with players with the same status. With players with attached to the mobile phone, and will also be in priority in finding a game (players with the status of Prime will find the game faster than regular players).

Advantages of the Prime-account:

Game in competitive mode only with players who have a mobile phone attached, which reduces the likelihood of playing with cheaters and smokers (players who create a second account to play at lower ranks)

A faster game search than players with regular status;

Will you update your account to Prime-status? Please, reply to the comments.

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