All about the cheaters in CS:GO

Cheaters are one of the biggest problems in CS: GO?

The cheat code is sometimes a debug code – a code that can be entered into the program to change the course of its work. It is most often used in computer games for passing difficult stages, less often – in LiveCD. Often they are not officially documented and suddenly  found in  software.

There are many types of cheats:

WallHack (wh, valhak) –  you can browse through walls.

SpeedHack (sp hack, speedhack) – you can Move your player much faster.

HitBox (Hitbox, hitbox) – You are now allowed to shoot through the walls of boxes and other textures.

RadarHack (radarhack, radarhack) – Now your opponents are displayed on the radar.

Lambert (Lambert, Lambert) – All players of the server, as well as weapons and other will shine. No Sky (no sky, no sky) – your sky above your head now does not exist.

No Flash / Smoke (no flash, no flash) – You will not be affected by smoke and dazzling grenades.

Aim  – auto-targeting to the player.

Autowall – gives you an auto-aim and auto-shooting.

AutoShoot – simple but economical auto-shooting.

AutoFire – your bullets fly themselves :).

Recoil Switch – The return from digla and others by the automatic machine now does not exist.

Hitbox Switch – The switch of the lumbago of opaque objects, boxes, walls and other objects.

ESP or WeaponESP – Writes the weapon that the enemy uses.

NameESP – Names or nicknames are written by players.

DistanceESP – Distance from you to another item or player.

ReloadESP – You see a strip of reloading enemy weapons.

LightESP – The counter will be highlighted in blue, and the terrorists in red. WallHacks

WallMode – another kind of In. Ie Wallhack’a from VAC2. Wall – He will not let anti-chats see WallHack. SpeedHack

KnifeSpeed – Accelerated attack with the knife.

BunnyHop – One of the best scripts for jumping, or sprinting.

SpinHack – It’s like DublDack will let you avoid a bullet in your head Head ShoT (head shot).

SpinSpeed – spinhack setting

The most popular in CS: GO are Wallhack, Radarhack, Recoil switch, ESP, bunnyhop, no flash / no smoke and of course everyone’s favorite aimbot (automatic head tip).

We interviewed d3NTA’s semi-professional player Zeus Teslenka, widely known in Ukraine after WESG Ukraine qualification where the team finished with TOP2, failing in the final to Danil’s team.

“Cheaters – this is the biggest problem of our century, they are in all games and people often in search of an easy way to win. Because of people like that, the whole sense and motivation to play this game dies, because you never know in which tournament, championship or game such a person will play against you. Cheaters prevent the advancement of young little-known teams because they are simply stoked in each qualification and you will never predict who will get you. For the example, the HUEHUE team is a Russian team that managed three times to pass large qualifications, to flush even top-level T2 teams such as LDLC, PENTA, GODSENT and others, getting into the rating, after which their players received bans, so continued 3 qualifications to the series. Yes, there is an anti-cheat in the game, but you know, it’s more like a lock with a key inside and for the last month banned only a couple of hundred players from tens of thousands of unkempt players. VALVE, in turn, adds a bunch of new useless skins and updates that nobody needs at all, and cheaters continue to spoil our game. “

The community of players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive launched the campaign #FIXCSGO. With the spread of the hashtag, players want to draw Valve’s attention to the problem of cheaters and modernization of Valve Anti-Cheat.

A petition to the developer of CS: GO at the time of publication of news collected more than 140 thousand signatures. The campaign was joined by many streamers and video bloggers. Some played with private cheats on the stream to show the unfitness of the anti-Valve reading. Access to such programs is provided to a limited number of individuals, and the system is not able to detect them. But the actions of streamers caused the opposite effect. Regular players after viewing the broadcasts began to massively buy private cheats, because of which violators on the servers became even more. Valve did not express the position on the issue.

Valve Anti-Cheat – VAC stands for Valve Anti-Cheat, an automated system designed to detect cheats installed on users’ computers. If a user connects to a VAC-Secured server from a computer with identifiable cheats installed, the VAC system will ban the user from playing that game on VAC-Secured servers in the future.

The VAC system reliably detects cheats using their cheat signatures. Any third-party modifications to a game designed to give one player an advantage over another is classified as a cheat or hack and will trigger a VAC ban. This includes modifications to a game’s core executable files and dynamic link libraries.

While server admins may choose to ban specific players, server admins cannot VAC ban players.

The admission of hacking cases among professional CS: GO players casts a shadow on the whole scene of the competitive CS: GO. Three players Hovik “KQLY” Tovmassian, Simon “smn” Beck, and Gordon “Sf” Giry received in-game bans via VAC on this week. The exposure challenges the past performances of the players both during online tournaments and during the LAN, when a cheat may be used that is allegedly connected through the Steam Workshop. On the other hand, the news also reveals a not-so-pleasant possibility that other professional players also used similar cheats in tournaments, which can not yet be found in the game.

These revelations can mean the worst time in the history of cybersport CS: GO in a few days from the largest championship in the history of CS: GO DreamHack Winter 2014.

Previous pro-CS: GO players had already been banned by VAC, but they were not birds of high flight. KQLY, by its own admission on Facebook, used a third-party program “for 7 days” and denied its use during the time when he was a member of Titan (during the DreamHack Invitational, where, in particular, Titan won). “I was banned by VAC and it’s fair,” wrote KQLY. “I want to say that I apologize to all the people who supported me, and because of my stupidity my career is over and I put the team in a quandary. They do not deserve it. ”

When he was offered to use this program, according to KQLY, he was told that “many pro-players” had already used it.

“This is a cheat that is not visible on the screen. The only way to find out that someone is using it is to catch it red-handed during its installation and activation on the PC. ” KQLY expelled from Titan, which had already been disqualified from the DreamHack Winter 2014 tournament organizers. And this was a blow for both organizations, which spent a lot of time preparing for the tournament with a prize fund of a quarter of a million dollars. The head of DreamHack, Tomas Lyckedal, was surprised: “I did not think that pro-players could be banned from 2001. Of course, people were caught using cheats, but they were all semi-professionals, not participants in such a tournament. And the fact that this happened just before the tournament is a shame!  I hope that this will not happen again with other teams.”

Lyckedal also promised that precautions will be taken at the tournament, and Titan and Epsilon will be occupied by other teams.

Valve did not react to this problem again. They did not respond to the team’s requests, not to journalists’ questions about this.

What is this cheat:

KQLY used the same cheat as Simon “smn” Beck on ESEA. This is a third-party client that is used in competitive games to match and games. The first ban for this cheat happened after Valve updated VAC.

Cheat is very difficult to find, so the question of its use in other tournaments remains open. Duncan’s cyber-sports commentator “Thooorin” Shields claims that there is nothing to worry about. “This cheat does not have a pronounced effect, it only gives a slight advantage when aiming. If it’s a pro-player, it looks like he’s playing his best match. Using the reader does not reveal anything by itself, you do not do impossible movements – you can catch the cheater only during installation and activation of the reader on the PC. ”

Influence: Two teams Titan and Epsilon disqualified from the largest CS: GO tournament, but these bans raise doubts in other teams. Smn, the first banned player, claims that 40% of pro players use cheats.

Of course, this is the opinion of one person and should not be taken for100% truth, but probably there will be other players who will be banned for this cheat in the future.

How to find the cheater in CS: GO. If you want to find a cheater, you need to know how cheats work. There are a lot of similar forbidden additions, for example, “wall hack”, with this cheat you can see through the walls. However, such players are eventually found.

Pay attention to the following points:

  • Frequent shooting to determine the target without information about the enemy. Cheaters usually shoot before they leave the wall, they discover it themselves;
  • “Trigger” automatically triggers as soon as the enemy appears on the sight. Players with a similar addition often use a single shot or shoot on the move when the enemy hits the sight;
  • Many unscrupulous gamers use “aim bot”, which helps to aim.

Frequent change of weapons indicates a possible cheater in CS GO. Remember that not every player is cheating at CS GO, there are very good players, with quick reaction and great experience.

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